Monday, October 26, 2015

Hop on Board the Health Train

Its hard. I can't do it. I'll start tomorrow....All of these things we've said ourselves or we've heard thousands of times from people who say they want to get healthy. And the truth is it can be hard. Especially if we have let our health go down hill so far that it seems nearly impossible to climb back up to ever feeling good again. Well, I am here to tell you that no matter how far gone you think you are, there is always a point of return and it is never impossible to take your health into your own hands and make a change for the better!

So you've had enough. You are tired of being tired, sluggish, overweight, or sick all the time. Well guess what? You have come to the right place. Today we are going to get you the magic ticket that allows you to Board the Health Train. 

Today is about going over the basics, the very fundamentals to jump start your health. Here's a look at what we are going to learn to get you chuggin' along.

1) Gradual changes are sustainable changes
2) Why setting goals are crucial and how to do it

Gradual Changes are Sustainable Changes

We all know that losing weight can be difficult. We diet, we over exercise, but still we don't get the results we want. Well, what if I told you that going cold turkey wasn't the answer. What if I told you that health and weight loss success is actually achieved over a relatively long period of time. I know what you are thinking.  I want it gone now! I don't have time to wait. Well that's good you are motivated, but by starving your body and by over exercising you are actually doing more harm than good. You may have some "rapid results" but its only a matter of time before you revert to your old habits and put the pounds back on.

So here's your first task: Pick 3 habits in your life that you want to change. They can be simple changes or large changes. They can stem from adding more exercise to your lifestyle, to drinking one less soda a day, or to simply going to bed an hour earlier every night. From those three, pick one. This is where you start. Make one simple change in your life and see how the difference makes you feel. Once you feel you have mastered that change, add another, and then another. Soon you will be on your way to living a happier and healthier life.

Why Setting Goals Are Crucial and How To Do It!

Goals are one of the single most important things to have when starting a lifestyle change. When trying to achieve optimum health we need to set realistic goals for ourselves. Think about anything that you have ever accomplished in your life, most likely you have set goals whether you realized it or not. Very rarely do we just get lucky. Setting a goal for health is important because it is not something that we are constantly thinking about and many people just put it on the back burner and don't pay attention to it... well, until it's too late and it's time to go to the doctor. But by having our health on our mind we can avoid the unnecessary medical expenses and love a life full of vitality.
So here's where we start with setting goals for our health:
 Many of you have heard of SMART goals. The S stands for Specific- this is were you give your goal a name. What is it that you want to achieve? The M stands for Measurable- give your goal a number. It's not good enough to say I want to sleep more or I want to weigh less? How much more sleep do you want or how much weight do you want to lose? The A stands for Achievable- is your goal going to push you or is it too easy? Is it realistic or is it too far-fetched to achieve it in the time frame you want? The R stands for Realistic- this is were you determine if your goal and time frame are reasonable and realistic. Can you attain this goal in your desired time frame? And finally, the T stands for Timely. When do want to have this goal accomplished?
By setting SMART goals you have a very clear path to follow. Put your written goal somewhere that you will see it everyday. Even if we don't read it everyday, we still subconsciously notice it and that can help keep it on your mind and on track to success.

Like what you are seeing? Join me here next time to get started on: Getting Back to the Basics, The Fundamentals of Nutrition.

Please feel free to comment or question or criticize.

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